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Week of August 12, 2018 - available produce

All units $5 unless stated otherwise


Pea shoots

Sunflower micros

Purple Radish micros

Micro salad mix

Broccoli micros

Kale micros

Purple Kohlrabi micros

Red Veined sorrel micros

Shiso micros

Arugula micros

Garden produce:

Potatoes (2lb - $5, 5lb $10)

Carrots - orange

Large Onions

heirloom tomatoes (variety of colors)



Cucumbers (2lb bag)

Pickling cucumbers (with dill)   5lb bag $12

Garlic (1/2 lb)

Red, orange, chioggia beets with tops

Red, orange & chioggia (candy cane) beets tops removed

Spring mix

Shoots and Leaves salad mix

Spicy greens mix (variety of different mustard greens, mizuna and arugula)

Easter Egg radishes

Hakurei salad Turnips (Toyko turnips)