My love for Medicinal Herbs

I am quite intrigued with plants, specifically medicinal herbs. My dream is to devote my life to the study of herbs and other amazing healing plants. Currently I am trying to figure out how to earn enough money to survive and still have enough time for my family as well as my study of medicinal plants.

There are many benefits to the way I earn my income currently. I love gardening and growing nutritious food. However the level of production needed to earn enough money for my current lifestyle is exhausting. I work very long hours that leave me feeling physically and mentally depleted.

This is not new, its a challenge that many people face. Working too much and sacrificing valuable time for money. My partner Leo and I have had numerous discussions around minimizing our lives over the past few months. Having 2 children indubitably complicates our decision making process. We often fantasize about living in a tiny cabin in the woods in Northern Saskachewan or moving back to Costa Rica where Leo is from. My 16 year old daughter isn’t so keen on our ideas.

I feel like my life will take a slightly different course in the coming years, but I can’t see that clearly in this moment. I do, however, know that I have a longing deep inside me to know healing plants in a more intimate way. Luckily for me the cold Canadian winter months force my production to slow down and gives me an opportunity to research a little of their magic. Research suggests that the best way to learn something is to teach it so I intend to share my learning journey here in this blog as I go.

I have a quote taped to the wall beside my desk to remind me of the alluring mystery of life. It reads:

“Life has taught me that it knows better plans than we can imagine so that I try to submerge my own desires… into a calm willingness to accept what comes and to make the most of it, then wait again.”