Olive Oil

Fresh Lemon juice
Kosher salt
Fresh pepper



The Scapes are the flower part of the garlic that is removed to increase the available nutrients to the bulb that will be harvested later in the season. It’s important to harvest these before they get too woody. If the base is not tender, snap it off like you would a stalk of asparagus. The flavour is beautifully pungent and garlicky. They can be used in place of garlic in loads of dishes

  1. Toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper and throw them on the grill. Some heat and a little char will mellow out the flavours. Top a pizza with tomato sauce, BBQ smoked chicken, and the grilled Scapes.
  2. Chop and sauté scapes in olive oil. Add heavy cream, reduce and toss with pasta, season with salt and pepper and top with parmigiano reggiano
  3. Coarse chop them and combine in a food processor with toasted pine nuts, parmigiano cheese and a squeeze of charred lemon for garlic scape pesto

Fill your belly with good things!

Kirby Froese