Keri started Green Sister Gardens in the spring of 2012 after attending a SPIN farming workshop in Calgary, AB. At the time she had recently sold her electrical contracting business and was in search of a way to make a living that was more in line with her values and beliefs. Being in the trades had shown her the negative impact that economic growth was and is having on communities and the environment. Determined to prove that we can be financially secure and earn a living without having devastating effects on the world around us, Keri started to delve into Permaculture (a direction she had been pointed in her by her sister Farah). Having taken a series of permaculture workshops in Birch Hills, Calgary and Nelson, BC, she arrived at a SPIN farming workshop in March of 2012 not really understanding the impact it was about to have on her life. 

After seeing how it was possible to farm without having to invest large amounts of money into heavy machinery and without having to even own land, she immediately started to acquire growing space upon returning home. 2012 had a steep learning curve to it for her but the rewards were immeasurable. The feeling of having a purpose in life that aligns with her truth has changed her entire life in the most positive way. 

Keri enjoys teaching others gardening and permaculture techniques in her off season. She has taught several workshops through the Community Gardens, to students within the Moose Jaw public school system and through other community organizations in Moose Jaw.