Garden Spaces needed

Green Sister Gardens is looking for more gardening space this season. We prefer yards on South hill as it is close to our home base but will consider other spots. If you love eating fresh produce, have a space that gets plenty of sunshine and is 600ft square or larger we would love to hear from you!  Grassy areas are great, we don't mind removing the lawn. 306-630-7003 or email



It's that time of year again! My garden planning is well underway and I'm looking forward to connecting with local seed growers and other community members at Moose Jaw's annual Seed Event. As always there will be a seed exchange table set up in the middle of the auditorium for those of you who wish to share and swap seeds. I am looking forward to seeing our returning seed vendors: Rachelle (Prairie Garden seeds), Roy (Broadview farms), Lisa and Renny (Blazing star wildflower), Anna (The Garlic Garden) as well as a host of other groups including a sprouting demo (Alternate Root Organics), book sales (Post Horizon), Honey and bee info (One Sweet Dream), kids area and MORE! I've collaborated with B & B Hydroponics in Regina to set up a grow light demo. Join us this Sunday March 5th   

Year round greens (in saskatchewan!)

I often get asked "What do you do during the winter?" I reply with "Spend time playing in my indoor grow op" and then admit that I don't really have anything 'fun' growing in it. I get a few questioning looks with that answer. 

The truth is I spend the majority of the winter season growing plants indoors. I generally grow between 40 and 50 pounds of microgreens per week in the off season. These greens are distributed to a variety of places throughout Moose Jaw and Regina including Restaurants, Smoothie bars, Pop up dinners, coffee shops, Health food stores and local buying groups. 

microgreens planting urban farming
red cabbage microgreen  indoor urban farming

2016 Weekly Salad Box subscription are now Available!

New for 2016 is the Green Sister Salad Box subscription!

I've taken the concept of the CSA box that I've done for the past 3 years and revised it to concentrate on the nutrient dense produce that Green Sister is known for ... Our Gourmet Salads !

This year I will be offering an 8 Week Salad box subscription with an option to renew mid season for another 8 weeks. For more details check out the full description at


Seeds of Change

Taking time to reflect on the past 4 years of my life recently. What motivated me to take this leap of faith into the unknown? Is that same motivation still present to guide me forward? My life is bitter sweet in so many ways. I have cleared out clutter, made space for new friends, adventures, experiences and knowledge. But it has been the most challenging 4 years of my life! Would I change my decision for an entire life make over if I could go back in time? Hell no .... well maybe if you catch me on a bad day. But no, what I have gained in the last few years is more than I ever hoped for. Painful yes, but in adversity we grow in strength. A Permaculture teacher once gave me an example of this that is forever etched in my mind. He described a tree .... if a collar is placed on this tree half way up the trunk and anchored to the ground the resulting growth will look like this.... the bottom portion of the trunk will cease to grow and weaken. The top portion of the tree that is able to sway in the wind continues to grow.  The tree literally needs the challenge of the wind to enable it's growth in size and strength.  For me this collar represented my comfort zone. I could have continued on the path i was on .... working my 9 to 5 waiting for the weekend so I could dull my boredom and dis-ease with shopping, alcohol or whatever other self destructive habit was convenient.  I'm sure my life choices look crazy to some .... to me its the best thing I have ever done for myself. It has enabled me to come in contact with soulful people rich with passion and desire for positive change.  Personally I am tired of the story that we have been telling ourselves for the last 400 years. I'm waking up to a new story that is re-writing itself for me as you read this. I'm not entirely sure what the future has in store for me, however I know it is in a constant spiral upwards and I am hanging on for the ride.   


Prairie Farm report stops in to visit our gardens

This past Wednesday we had a visit from Zack and Dustin who are with the Prairie Farm Report show. We spent the day filming and talking about Urban Farming. It is amazing to see how interest in alternative farming is starting grow in Saskatchewan! Our segment is set to air in November/December of this year. We will keep you posted :)

MJ Seed Lending Library Launch!!!

Workshop and orientation


Moose Jaw Seed Lending Library @ MJ Public Library

Orientation and Start Up Meeting March 26th at 7pm

Guest: Keri Fox, Green Sister Gardens

Join us as we launch the Moose Jaw Seed Lending Library!  Get a tour of our Seed Lending library, discover how to ‘borrow’ seeds and join us for an introductory workshop on how to save seeds. 

The Moose Jaw Seed Library is a partnership initiative with Green Sister Gardens, the South Central Food Security Network and the Moose Jaw Public Library. 

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